20,000 Drug Convictions to be Overturned After State Caught Falsifying Lab Tests

On April 18th 2017, prosecutors across the State of Massachusetts announced that they would be throwing out almost 20,000 cases that relied on falsified evidence handled by a disgraced Trinidad-born drug lab chemist, Annie Dookhan.

Dookhan, admitted to perjury, evidence tampering, and obstruction of justice for falsifying drug tests in criminal investigations in November 2013.

She was sentenced to serve only three to five years in prison, and paroled in March 2016.

According to The Free Thought Project reports, about 20,000 of the 40,000 drug convictions in Massachusetts have been dismissed as a result of Dookhan’s falsified reports.

Dookhan worked testing drug samples submitted by law enforcement agencies from 2003 until 2012.

She admitted to investigators that she purposely contaminated some samples to turn them from negative samples into positive samples. She also admitted to testing a few samples but reported the same results for multiple other samples.

Dookhan pleaded guilty to 27 criminal counts in all, including charges of perjury, evidence tampering and obstruction of justice.


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