NYPD Blocks Traffic to Buy Starbucks

Written By Nathan Dimoff

Two days ago a video was published by The Free Thought Project regarding New York Police officers blocking traffic so they could purchase items from Starbucks.

The video starts out with the officers walking into Starbucks and then pans over to the officers patrol vehicle. The citizen journalist then walks into the middle of the road in front of the officers vehicle with unit number 3838 to show how much traffic there was. While standing in front of it you can also see that no emergency lights were in use as if they were there for a call.

A minute into the video the camera man decides to go inside the starbucks to confirm for the viewers that the officers were not there on a call but in fact were waiting in line to order.

This is just more evidence of what blue privilege looks like. The Free Thought Project puts it perfectly when they said, “Until this above the law mentality ceases, unfortunately, many people will continue to stereotype cops and the divide will grow.”

You can contact the NYPD here and let them know your thoughts.

Video can be seen HERE

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