WATCH: Brooklet Chief Of Police Resigns After Assaulting Victim That Tried To Complain About Illegal Detainment

On January 30th and 31st, 2018, two videos were uploaded to Facebook under the name Cindy Bodaford Lee of her interactions with Brooklet Police Department. The first video showed the illegal detainment that Cindy had with Brooklet Police Officers John Baker and Charles Dutton. The second video shows a violent confrontation between Chief Meyer and Cindy in the Brooklet City Hall, after she tried to file a complaint against Officer Baker and Dutton.

In a Facebook post that was posted before the videos were uploaded Cindy states that before the recording started she had an interaction with a plain clothed officer at another location where the officer walked up to the car and snatched open the door hen verbally assaulted her as well as two teenage boys. She then attempted to leave while calling the police to report what happened only to find out that the department wasnt taking non-emergency calls at the time. She then states that she was later in the same day the same officer as well as another officer pull her over for the previous interaction.

In the first video, you can see Officer Baker attempt to explain that she was pulled over for “copping an attitude” with a fellow officer earlier in the day. Having an attitude with an officer is not a legal reason to illegally detain and verbally assault someone. It is obvious that Cindy knew that because she asked multiple times for the reason behind her detainment and once he repeated it again asked if she was free to go. The video only lasts a few minutes and ends with the officer letting her go with a verbal warning about the kids in the back not having car seats, in a different car, while currently in car seats.

In the second video, it starts out with a black screen but has audio from a conversation between Cindy and the chief who was not happy at all over her posting the first video. As the conversation starts she advises that she is there to file a complaint regarding her interaction with the previous officers. Quickly the chief gets confrontational threatening to trespass her all the way to putting his hands on her. As he asks her to leave and step outside she stops to get a phone number to make a complaint now on him as well. As she waits for the number the chief decides it is okay to put his hands on her to forcibly remove her. He also loudly states, “in the future we will not have any mercy or toleration for y’all’s constant breaking of the law and blaming it on police officers.”

Cindy has since gotten a lawyer but is afraid of filing the complaint now stating, “I have heard of people being arrested for filing complaints against the officers.”

After the videos were uploaded a special City Hall meeting was conducted where the chief decided it was best for him to retire and resigned his position, effective Feb. 9. Brooklet Mayor William Hendrix, stated that the reason for the chief resigning was “partially” due to the video but would not advise if it was forced resignation.

The chief has previously worked for: Villa Rica Police Department as a captain with the Interstate Crime unit, Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, Homeland Security’s gang unit, Georgia Bureau of Investigation, and the state drug task force in Tennessee. Overall, Meyer has worked in law enforcement for 39 years and we can only imagine what he got away with during that time.

You can contact the police department by calling: (912) 842-9911 or their Facebook

We have condensed both videos that were originally uploaded here and here into one video below.



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