Broward Sheriff Department Gets Trolled By Activists

On March 6th, 2018, Broward County Sheriffs Department created a website called “BSO Fact Check” in hopes of putting their truth out there regarding the Parkland shooting, where they had multiple officers stand outside while kids got slaughtered by a shooting.

The website attempted to tell their side of the narrative stating, “The following is intended to assist the public and media in receiving accurate information that does not obstruct the ongoing Parkland shooting investigation.” The department breaks it down by claims and facts.

Hours later an extremely similar link appeared online with just one extra letter. The one created by the department is called BSO Fact Check but the mysterious one that appeared is BCSO Fact Check. It appears to be created by activist(s) exposing all the crimes that BCSO has committed over the years. The website gives little blurbs about the crimes then as you click read more on each blurb it brings you to news outlets describing everything about the crime the officer committed.

It appears that what the activists wanted is happening. People are starting to share the activist link, thinking it is the one created by the department.

The activist one:
The Sheriffs one:


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