WATCH: Youtubers Arrested For Taking Pictures At A Post Office

On March 9th, 2018, a live-stream video recorded by Youtubers ChiTown Sue and Pink Camera Magic was streamed on Facebook which ended with them getting arrested for taking pictures in a post office.

The video started at 3:30 PM CST, with both ladies in the post office lobby talking to each other and to those that were watching live. It appears that the post office called Bedford Police Department for the fact that multiple officers were outside talking to the employees. After a few minutes the ladies decide to leave. After exiting the publicly owned business the ladies say good-bye and continue to walk.

While walking away it appears that the officers follow them for about a half a block to a block while attempting to start a conversation. During the time they are walking the officers did not advise them they were being detained until they were right behind them with cuffs in hands. The arresting officers were Craig, Antoine/Antwone, and Pollard according to Pink Camera Magic.

Officer Pollard advised them that they were being arrested for taking pictures in the lobby of the post office. After being cuffed they are put in the back of the squad car while still recording the arrest. Towards the end of the video the screen goes black but you can still hear them and the officers at the police station for a while.

Those watching commented that they were calling the police station at (708) 458-3388 and that they believe the department went against the SCOTUS case Rodriguez Vs United States where it was ruled that prolonged stops are illegal.

You can voice your concerns by calling (708) 458-3388 or by visiting their Facebook.


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