WATCH: Chicago cop charged with sexually abusing woman while on-duty runs away from camera

A former Chicago officer was arrested recently for a crime he committed in 2016. Michael Clifton, 59, was charged with a felony count of official misconduct and a felony count of criminal sexual abuse.

According to police record, before retiring in 2017, Michael sexually abused a 35-year-old woman on Sept. 20, 2016 inside the 5th District Police Station. She went to the station to file a report of being attacked at the Taste Nightclub. Michael pulls her into his office Ken Goff, the assistant state’s attorney, said, “Defendant closed the office door and told the victim she ‘turned him on.’ Defendant then grabbed the victim by the arm and pulled her out of a chair, and pinned her against the wall with his body.”

Goff goes on to describe what happened by stated that he grabbed her by the pelvic area and proceeded to reach inside her pants and kissed her on the neck. Michael stopped right after hearing a knock on the door.

The victim then went to a different police station to report what just happened and to take a DNA swab as well. After the DNA was analysed it was determined that the DNA was likely his. This is not the first complaint the officer has received. According to the officers record he has 26 other complaints against him. He was arrested Wednesday in Lansing. Bond was set at $100,000 and he paid the bail.

After posting bail, Michael was met by the media where he ran away covering his face.


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