WATCH: Gwinnett County Man Gets Ticket For Complying With Sheriff Dispatch

On March 28, 2018, A video was uploaded to the social media site Facebook of an interaction between a driver and two sheriff officers. At the time of writing this the video has been seen over 280,000 times.

The video starts out with the driver getting a ticket, by an officer that was not originally there, for allegedly performing an unsafe lane change after an officer flashed his lights on. The driver then states that he called the dispatch to check and make sure that the officer was really an officer. At the request of dispatch the driver went behind the officer and flashed his high beams at the officer in an attempt to get the license plate numbers.

While the driver attempts to explain the situation to the officer that was not at the scene at the time, the ticketing officer cuts him off every few words. The video goes on to the point where the driver asks if hes getting the ticket because the original officer is missing class. The ticketing officer states that the first officer was trying to get him out of the way. Towards the end of the video the ticketing officer attempts to get the driver to sign the ticket and the driver refuses to sign that one but would sign one if the original officer writes the ticket. In an attempt to get the driver to sign he threatens arrest using § 40-13-2.1 but is still denied a signature from the driver and signed as refused by the ticketing officer.

Georgia has been in the news more than once in the last year regarding people pretending to be officers. Last month a woman pretended to be a federal agent to get free food. According to a Patch article, last September a Federal Agent pulled over a motorist to merely advise them that he was behind them. At the end of the article it advises calling 911 if you suspect it being a fake officer. Also Last month in Georgia, a fake officer pulled over two ladies and sexually assaulted them.

You can contact Gwinnett County Sheriff Department at (770) 822-8000 or on their Facebook and if you would like to leave a review you can so here.


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