WATCH: Cop Blocks Co-founder Prepares For His Stay In Jail

On April 9th, 2018, Ademo Freeman went on Facebook Live to say his final thoughts regarding his case, judges, politicians, and marijuana.

For those that do not know who Ademo is, he helped co-found along with Pete Eyre. They started the page 8 years ago after they were arrested for videotaping officials at the Franklin County, Massachusetts jail. Since then Ademo has had many run ins with law enforcement ranging from activities like chalking sidewalks, recording police stops, to speaking out against check points. Ademo has seen his share of burnout and has suffered greatly in his quest to hold police accountable.

At the moment, Ademo has an open case for marijuana against him in Ohio. According to the Facebook Live video he posted he is planning on going to court tomorrow and has agreed to plead guilty. He goes on to say that it is expected that he will be given a 9 month sentence with a month and half served. In the video he breaks down his reasoning for everything stating that Ohio has dragged its feet in making it legal to smoke and that he did not get his marijuana from a black market dealer but grew it himself for self use and was thinking about traveling to a state that has not dragged its feet in creating the law.

We at America’s Police Problem are sadden to see that this is how the case has played out but fully understand the reasoning as it takes a lot of time, energy, and money to prove your case. The statistics even show it. According to The Department of Justice 90%-95% of cases end in plea deals.

We will update the article once we have an address to where you can send letters and money to him once it is known. We hope you will help us help him have a great stay while he is there.


One thought on “WATCH: Cop Blocks Co-founder Prepares For His Stay In Jail

  1. its time an entire national overhaul on national police reform and backed up by zero tolerance psychological legislation and stop ignoring the entire issue at hand we all are in denial and we all better wake up fore we become the next victims of radical police states . what do you all want to do next ? do nothing or start our own type of national outcry against crooked cops paid off by drug cartels ? its already happening ? those road side police being run over by accident ? is that a real accident ? or a set up hit and run ? I think people ran cops over and oops blame weather ? who knows ? I know what comes around goes around ? god has the last say .


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