Did Crowley Police Department brag about racial profiling and abusing stop and frisk?

On May 28, 2018, Crowley Police Department posted a mugshot of a black man they arrested for possession of meth.

They captioned it stating, “Crowley Police Department patrol division initiated a field identification test on a unknown male subject.” There are a few things that bother us with this statement.

First thing that caught our attention was the field identification test. When walking within the United States, it is not mandatory to carry identification. Last time we checked this is not Nazi Germany yet and last time we checked you have to have probable cause for asking for identification. Which leads us to our second issue.

If he was an unknown person, that would lead one to think that they were not investigating him for a crime but randomly picked him to search. There reason behind picking him is maddening. They commented the following when citizens started to ask what their probable cause was, “An officer got out of his unit to do a field ID and talk with someone in a HIGH crime area (direct orders of the chief of Police), and the suspect began to run from our officer.” We were not the only ones upset about this.

The post started picking up track with comments calling out the department. That’s when the department not only started deleting comments but also banned people from further comments. We reached out on the post inquiring information twice and were banned and comment removed the first time.


If you would like to voice your concern you can call them at
(337) 783-1234 or by going to their Facebook Here

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