Police across America take Feeling Cute Challenge to New Dangerous Level

The Feeling Cute challenge first started out as a humorous post online by a UPS employee, but it has now gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

Courtney Muse, a driver for UPS, posted a photo on March 30, 2019 in his uniform in a field. He captioned it, “feeling cute, might deliver your package later, idk.”

Since his picture went viral his photo has received over 27k reacts, 19k comments, and 107k shares. Others quickly picked up on the post going viral and made their own using the same hashtag, #FeelingCuteChallenge.

Though some are posting their picture as a joke, law enforcement officers are posting a picture of themselves with less than humorous captions.

Sammie Warren, from Michigan, noticed a few of the pictures posted on Facebook in a law enforcement support group called Correctional Officer Life.

The captions range from officers stating they may shoot people, plant drugs, use force, or leave inmates in the shower for excessive amount of time.

So far, Warren and others have been able to figure out which department each officer work at and have notified their departments demanding officers to be either fired or charged with crimes of conspiracy to abuse.

UPDATED: Two Dozen more Officers join Feeling Cute Challenge and its Just as Bad

In one of the screenshot going viral, Correctional Officer at Wheeler Correctional Facility, Amelia Icesis Commodore, stated that she may put peoples baby daddy in the shower for hours.

Ke’Nya Hill, from the same facility, uploaded a picture stating that she felt cute and may shoot someones baby daddy.

Another picture posted in the group was posted by Kell Peniska of Walter Miner Law Enforcement. Peniska uploaded a pictures of officers standing in a line behind a shield stating that they felt cute and may extract an inmate.

Robert Richards who is actively in the United States Army commented, “It’s not physical abuse if its minimal amount of force necessary lol.”

Sallie Rosalie Harris works for Warren County Regional Jail and felt cute enough to write that she may find drugs on someones baby mama that is hers.

Another picture was uploaded by Jordan Cotto. Cottos Facebook profile shows that he is both in the United States Army and Texas Highway Patrol, captioning that he felt cute and might wrestle an inmate later.

Roland Garcia also lives in Texas and labeled his profession on Facebook as a correction officer. Garcia wrote that he was feeling cute today and might have a use of force.

Oklahoma Department of Corrections officer Roberto Ramos posted that he is going to answer every question that gets asked of him by an inmate with a “no.”

Chandiwira Beza is an officer that lives in Jefferson City, Missouri and be wrote that he is feeling cute and because of that he may take someones homeboy to the hole.

Dodger Williams also posted an image as well and wrote that he was feeling cute and may OC spray someones baby daddy. Williams profile shows him currently living in Dallas, Texas.

Wendolyn Janielle who resides in Shelby, Mississippi and is a corrections officers felt cute during her post stating she might search someones homboys cell and step on all his noodles.

Jasmine Andrews wrote that she was feeling cute and may take someones baby momma to the hole tonight. Her account has been taken down or removed.

Dillon Austin also posted in the group wearing a corrections vest stating that he may take someones homeboy to the seg. His Facebook shows him as a residence in  Cordova, Tennessee.

Andrew Moore wrote that he was feeling cute and may give someones man a notification of disapproved mail. His account is current down or removed.

Neda Beda is a night shift officer who wrote that she was feeling cute about possibly not doing all her rounds.

Steph Barber is a Florida Correctional officer. She took to Facebook stating that she felt cute and may toss someones baby daddy locker.

Ree Wright is a Navy Vetern that posted a picture and captioned it, “#feelingcutechallenge……night lock up a few of your boys later…..idk.”

Another officer, Shun Dee, wrote, “feeling cute: might take your baby daddy to the box later.

Sammykinz Lovez Facebook account is showing that she lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico and believes its cute to stack team someones baby daddy.

Joe Corley Detention Center officer Charne Harris was feeling cute when she wrote that she may write a few diciplinaries[sic] tonight.

Ruben Garza took a picture of himself and captioned it that he was feeling cute and may forget someones rec shoes.

Miller County Detention Center officer Diane Clayton wrote that she was feeling cute when she wrote that she may lock inmates down.

Florida officer Eddie Kosiorek wrote he is working on getting promoted but feeling cute about possibly putting someone on property restriction.

Lieutenant Dawan C Brown with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections wrote as a caption that he felt cute and going to lock down inmates.

Kierra Thompson, whose account is down, wrote that she may take inmates hot pots and tv cords.

Stacey Smith took to Facebook for the Feeling Cute challenge writing, “might just tase your gf later! It’s an electrifying experience!” Her account is currently down or removed.

Collin Strother captioned his photo, “my[sic] gas the whole wing later.”

Wende Jo Dahl posted a meme describing a jail nurse denying medical treatment.

Texas officer Gregory St. Julian was feeling cute when he wrote that he thinks he may lock down units.

Florida Department of Corrections officer Corey Dorman captioned a picture of him stating that he felt he was cute and might shoot to spot.

Tennessee correctional officer MarTeka Baker wrote that she may search someones boyfriend cell and mess it up.

Each one of these officers took an oath to honor the constitution, yet their actions on social media either break that oath or borderline break it.

Muse has advised America’s Police Problem that the hashtag is in the process of being a registered trademark for a charity connected to A Muse Us.


EDIT April 16, 2019 12:10am EST: The original post wrongly credited a Columbus Water Works employee as the creator of the #FeelingCuteChallage. The article has been corrected to reflect the original creator.


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  1. This whole article is dumb. You are literally just taking everything they said and blowing it out of proportion…..This is some piss poor joke of journalism.


  2. “New Dangerous Level” get the flying fuck out of here with that substantially, grossly, over exaggerated title, for fucks sake, this is a news outlet not a fear mongering clickbait hub…..


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