Officers are being Fired for Feeling Cute Challenge while Others Join Challenge

Four days ago we thought there were only a few officers taking the Feeling Cute Challenge to a dangerous level, now we know it is worse than we expected and officers are losing their jobs because of the posts.

Since we broke the news about law enforcement’s version of the Feeling Cute Challenge we have noticed not only were multiple officers being terminated and suspended, but also made aware that Correctional Officer Life was not the only group that had officers taking the challenge. Members of The Correctional Officer Brotherhood, We are corrections officers, and Correction Officer’s lives matter all had  members posting pictures of themselves participating in the challenge as well as screenshots from other officers. Some of the images ranged from:

  • Feeling cute might free pick ya home boy, then tell everybody you a snitch
  • Feeling cute: might catch your man with his man, idk
  • Feeling cute, I may lock down this whole muddafukkin[sic] facility later. IDK
  • Feeling cute, might get suspended for justifiable use of force…idk
  • Feeling cute today might write up your baby daddy and restrict him from phones[sic] call for a month
  • Feeling cute might make me monitor your baby daddy from the watchtower with an M4
  • Might just start writing inmates up for faking medical

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Officers also exposed who they truly are in comments as well.

Logan Schwarz wrote, “fantasize[sic] about putting sarin gas in the sprinkler system and turning it on during dayhall then giggle your fuckin[sic] ass off. Works for me 😉 lol.”

Officers also posted memes degrading women, inmates, and used the n-word.

While people were posting that they were being investigated, suspended, and terminated officers still continued to part-take in the challenge.

Both Texas Department of Criminal Justice and  Georgia Department of Corrections condemned the social media posts.

Georgia Department of Corrections told Washington Post:

“The alleged actions of these individuals do not reflect the conduct expected of any GDC employee, and will not be tolerated,” spokeswoman Joan Heath told The Post in an email Wednesday. “If the allegations are found to be substantiated, swift and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.”

The correctional departments were not the only ones to make a statement. Many concerned citizens, activists, and movements took to social media to voice their concerns.

Members of America’s Police Problem has spoken to many concerned citizens such as those in “Inmate Support Georgia” who told us they spent all day making phone calls voicing their concern.

Word was spreading quick and even caught the attention of Gavin Seim. Seim ran for the U.S. House of Representatives, to represent Washington state’s 4th Congressional District in 2014.

Though none of the departments have publicly notified citizens that they are done investigating the screenshots, many law enforcement officers have posted online that they have either been suspended, under investigation, or let go.

Gregory St. Julian took to Facebook stating that he has been on the force for 12 and a half years and now facing the possibility of losing his job.

Yolanda H Slade also received a disciplinary and a warning of possibly losing her job.

Tyler Allen wrote, “i love how they say were under investigation but we were already told they were fired” … “They told us the same day it happened that they were escorted permanently off the facility’s.”

Corey Dorman stated that he was suspended over his post.

Dolly D Wilson went to Facebook stating that her department had one person fired over the challenge.

Dylan Adams commented under Wilson stating that their department had one let go as well.

Below are the new screenshots. To see the first set click here to share the new photos click here.


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