#DivestFromFacebook: America’s Police Problem is Expanding to Other Networks

After almost a year after America’s Police Problem was removed from Facebook, it is facing yet another attack from Facebook and this one may be the last straw.

Last week, Facebook notified all of our admins that did not have 2-factor-identification, an ID on file, and proof of what country they are from, they would prevent the admins from posting under the page name.

Many of our admins see this as a form of censorship similar to what we saw last year.

If the admins do not want to link their cell phone numbers to Facebook then they are out of luck with running the page. Facebook originally stated that it is for security of running a high reaching page, but now it is known that if you give your phone number to Facebook as a 2-factor-authentication, it can be used in the search to find accounts, according to Facebook’s former chief security officer Steve Weis.

One of our admins tested this and confirmed it to be true.


To some of the admins, that is fine, but they have an issue with the Facebook requesting a copy of both sides of their ID. When looking into the settings of their request, Facebook automatically sets it to your ID being on file for a year. With all the scandals, data leaks, and breaches, one has to be extra careful not to provide companies, that mishandle personal information, information that could be viewed by the public at any given time.

We are not the only one being targeted by this censorship act. Admins from The Free Thought Project have confirmed that they have been targeted as well.

Therefore, some of our admins are choosing to branch to new outlets and #DivestFromFacebook. We are not the only outlet this week that has chosen to move to other platforms. The Anti-Media, who has been on Facebook for 6 years, has chosen to move to Minds.

They released a statement on their site stating:

“No good things last, it is said, and Facebook’s days as a medium for spreading information have come and gone.” … “That’s why Anti-Media has joined Minds and we hope you will too. Minds.com is an open-source, encrypted, privacy-centric, blockchain-powered social media outlet that values free speech and doesn’t censor its users. Over the coming weeks we’ll be talking more about why we’re divesting from Facebook and spending our time on Minds.com instead. You can sign up and follow Anti-Media on Minds by clicking here.”

In the ever growing battle against censorship, we have decided to withdraw all stocks in Facebook and join both Twitter and Minds. The admins that have elected to have their personal information given to Facebook will continue to use the platform.

We hope you will join us on our fight and follow us on both Twitter and Minds.


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