Florida Sheriff Threatens to Light Up Passenger

A Lee County Sheriff was caught on Facebook Live threatening to “light up” a passenger in a traffic stop.

The video starts off with the passenger, Rodrick Campbell, 24, telling his viewers that the police are at it again.

Campbell puts the phone down on his lap and raises his hands.

The officer opens the passenger door, without consent, and threatens Rodrick.

“Hey Rodrick, hey, next time you run from me, I swear to God Christmas I’m going to beat your,” the officer says.

Campbell lifts his phone to show the officer, before the officer can finish his sentence.

“You’re lucky I did not light you up,” the officer threatens.

“You can video tape me all you want. I watched your car speed past us by 130 miles an hour,” the officer continues to claim.

Later on, you will see that it was a lie as they received zero tickets.

“I ain’t driving sir,” Rodrick tells the officer.

The officer asks if they have any medical marijuana cards, to which they driver confirms, but tells the officer that there is none in the car.

The officer asks Campbell if he is on Facebook Live.

“Facebook Live, for our safety,” Campbell responds.

The video lasts nearly 25-minutes.

The officers check to see if the vehicle information is correct as well as running the medical marijuana card and end up letting them go with no ticket.


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