Ohio Police Suspended for Brutalizing Handcuffed Teenager

An Ohio police officer has been suspended after cell phone video surfaced showing officers brutalizing a teenager.

On October 12, a Mansfield police officer was caught dragging D’Angelo Chapman, a 17-year-old teenager, on the ground after he was handcuffed, according to the police investigation.

Officer Jordan Moore did not give a warning to Chapman, according to the Chief of Police Keith Porch press release.

Chief Porch says that Moore violated the departments rules on treatment of persons in custody and is suspended without pay for ‘unauthorized physical force.’

“There was no immediate need or emergency for Officer Moore to take the action of dragging his arrestee,” the statement from Chief Porch said.

On top of the suspension that will last till January 11, 2021, Moore will be required to undergo additional training.

Chapman does not believe the punishment is enough.

“It is mind-blowing because you expect for officers to treat you differently especially if they’re there to protect you,” said D’Angelo Chapman, according to ABC5.

Officers were attempting to arrest Chapman’s father when Chapman tried calming his father down and asked officers why they were arresting him.

“I was thinking it was a possibility that I could have died,” said Chapman. “I’ve seen people die for less.”

“That’s not holding him accountable. That’s like a tap on the wrist. Not even a slap,” said Chapman’s mother Krystal McKinney.

Chapman was charged with resisting arrest and obstructing police business.


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