Ohio ATF Agent involved in Shooting at Traffic Stop

On November 12, central Ohio law enforcement attempted to pull over a suspect that was involved in a gun store robbery, ending with the suspect being shot.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives(ATF) were investigating a robbery at a gun shop and was able to identify a person of interest. Once they had a suspect, ATF requested assistance from the Columbus Police Department.

The suspect drove away in a Red Chevy Impala and attempted to flee the scene, but made a wrong way turn down a one-way street. While the suspect was not actively being pursued, the suspect was quickly met with an ATF officer.

The ATF officer attempted to pull over the suspect, but the suspect exited his vehicle causing a short chase. The officer discharged his weapon twice, critically injuring the suspect, according to Dispatch.

At the time of press release the suspect was still in critical condition with no further updates on the suspects condition.

Though it currently is unclear what was said during the altercation, a firearm was recovered near where the suspect was standing.

America’s Police Problem reached out to Columbus Police Department Sgt. James Fuqua for more information, but he declined to comment on the situation.
This incident is being investigated by the Columbus Police Critical Incident Response Team as the agent involved was not employed by the Columbus Police Department. 


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