Florida Police Report Contradicts Press Release in ‘Eating while Black’ Case

Fort Myers Police Department has released their computer-assisted dispatch report of what they say transpired when they detained, handcuffed, and fingerprinted two Black minors for eating while Black.

According to a press release sent to local media:

“The Officers observed 2 juvenile males along with what appeared to be an intoxicated adult and stopped to inquire why the teenagers were not in school.”

The officers were told on camera why the minors were not in school. The officers were told that they left their house to go get food from McDonald’s and bring some back for their father.

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America’s Police Problem obtained a copy of the police report from activist Kat Duesterhaus, since Fort Myers Police have not responded to our records request.

According to the over two-hour long event log, no sobriety test was given, even though that was the reason for initial detainment and harassment.

The event log also shows that there were no attempts made to reach out to a parent or guardian before questioning the minors, which violates their own truancy order.

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In both the video and press statement Fort Myers Police Department acknowledges that Lee County Sheriffs Department was on scene to fingerprint the minors without consent, yet according to the police report, there was no other agency there.

The teenagers were dropped off at family members houses, according to the police report, but one of the family members have spoken out saying that they have not heard or seen the 15-year-old.

It is currently unknown if the officers also transported the teenagers bicycles back with them.

The minors were trespassed from Homsi Family McDonald’s, but it is unclear if they were the ones that called law enforcement.

It appears that Fort Myers Police would rather continue on the same path of building the gap between white officers and Black citizens, than to bridge the gap.

This is a developing story. America’s Police Problem will continue to update.


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