Over a Dozen NYPD Officers Tackle Business Owner for Not Providing ID

Numerous videos surfaced on TikTok showing “a whole precinct” of NYPD officers tackling a business owner for refusing to identify himself, when no crime was committed.

A TikTok user, by the name of Tayga0215, uploaded twelve videos on Friday to TikTok that showed an altercation he had with power hungry NYPD officers.

The videos show Tayga and associates sitting outside his business talking, when two NYPD officers roll up demanding to see their identification. They first attempted to lie saying that someone from the business called on them, not knowing that they were actually speaking to the business owner.

“Give me your ID or it is going to be bad,” one of the officers demands, “listen, I am going to get the whole precinct here.”

The officer continues to flex.

“Wait till my sergeant gets here. You’re not going to like what he has to say. I’m telling you right now. You’re going to jail tonight. You’re going to give me your ID,” the officer continues.

The business owner explains why he was initially yelling at the officer.

“Listen, listen, I am talking. I told you to lower the speaker, there are people sleeping here,” the business owner tells the officer.

The officer obviously did not like that, as he continued to demand the business owners ID threatening to arrest him for disorderly conduct.

The second officer walks closer to one of the people recording, demanding them to not stand close to them.

Tayga uploaded another video from a different angle showing how irate the officers were.

“I told you, I was going to get the whole precinct here, right now and look what I did! Give me your f—ing ID,” the officer yells, “Give me your ID, my sergeant is coming!”

The business owner tells the officers to stop biting their lip and to stop flexing.

The second officer immediately makes a threatening move with his arms, as if he was about to pounce on the business owner.

The initial officer then attempts to search the business owner, without consent, looking for his wallet.

Immediately after the officer starts to search, a dozen officers swarm on top of the business owner.

They stay on top of him for over a minute.

One officer is seen punching the business owner, repeatedly.

“Why you guys f—ing punching him, he did not do anything. Who punched him? Which one punched him? Look at you, all of you for one person. You guys need to do some real crime s–t,” one bystander says.

“I was always pro-police. All the time. I was always on your guys side, but watching this right now, that’s not right. I was always into blue lives matter. I been into marches for you guys and everything, but watching you guys punch that guys face, that’s not right,” another bystander tells the officers.

“You’re supposed to abide by the law. You follow the rules. You don’t punch a guy in the face like that, come on. He had his hands behind his back and you punch him in the face. That’s justice?” a third bystander can be heard saying.

In the last two videos, it shows that the incident happened on November 5, 2020.

America’s Police Problem has reached out to NYPD for the police report and body camera footage. We will update the article once they respond.

The video above is a combination of numerous videos uploaded by Tayga. You can watch the rest of them here.


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