WATCH: Oklahoma Prisoner Dead After Holding Officer Hostage on Facebook Live

On the same day an officer is booked into custody for domestic assault and battery, prisoners hold a detention officer hostage.

Update March 27, 2021 9:43pm –

One of the prisoners that was begging for their human rights acknowledged in the Facebook Live has been reported shot and killed, after a two-hour long standoff, according to Oklahoma City Police.

Oklahoma City Police have also reported that the officer that was taken hostage is currently in the hospital.

Original March 27, 2021 8:30pm –

Prisoners were able to seize an Oklahoma County Detention Center officer’s belongings after taking him hostage on Saturday.

Prisoners went Live on the guards Facebook, depicting a guard cuffed behind his back and on his knees.

Since the release of the video, the Oklahoma County Detention Center went on lockdown.

Officials were able to confirm that the guard was on the 10th floor of the prison, according to Kron4.

The 10th floor includes pods for veterans, people waiting to be transferred to DOC, and max security, according to OKC-SPAN.

The guard was delivering medication when attacked, according to News9.

The prisoners that have taken the guard hostage say that it is nothing against the officer personally, but feel the need to let the public know of the situations behind the walls, which include lack of electricity and water issues.

A police tactical team has been sent to the jail for hostage rescue.

Members of Black Lives Matter OKC started to gather outside the the jail, following the hostage situation.

The Oklahoma County Board of County Commissioner and the Jail Trust have known about the issues that prisoners are fighting for months, according to civil rights attorney Cameron Spradling.

The hostage situation is taking place the same day that Sergeant Kristopher Gellenbeck was booked on charges of domestic assault and battery.

Oklahoma Police Department was made aware of a situation involving Gellenbeck’s wife.

After investigating, officers were able to determine that the visible injuries came from a physical altercation with Gellenbeck, according to the departments press release.

This is a developing story.


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