VIDEO: Salt Lake Police Officer Cleared From Deadly Force Incident

On August 13 2017, a white Salt Lake City Police Officer named Kris Smith, shot and killed a black 50-year-old Patrick Harmon. Officer Smith originally pulled over Harmon for crossing multiple lanes with one light out.

In the body camera footage it appears that Harmon complies at first with the officers until the officers attempt to handcuff him. Once the attempt is made Harmon decided to attempt and flee.

Seconds after Harmon attempted to flee, backup Officer Fox decided he had the power to become the jury, judge, and executioner and fired his gun at Harmon. Those shots killed Harmon.

The Supreme Court ruled in 1985 that a police officer cannot shoot a fleeing suspect unless he or she has reason to believe the individual “poses a significant threat of death or serious physical injury to the officer or others.”

As you can tell in the video Harmons attempt in fleeing did not poses a threat of death nor violence but District Attorney Sim Gill, recorded in his conclusion:

“Officer Fox reasonably believed deadly force was necessary to prevent death or serious bodily injury to himself and/or others and therefore his use of deadly force was “justified.”

District Attorney Sim Gill declined to press charges on Officer Fox.


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